A modern office space with flexible lighting
From growing evidence that lighting affects employees’ wellbeing to the recent changes in our working patterns, there are some significant trends in commercial lighting

Flexible and remote working 

We are moving away from traditional working days and a hybrid mix of on-site and home working which is bringing residential features into office environments, known as ‘resimercial’ design. Creating a more comfortable, home-like working environment is now a priority to improve productivity and reduce stress, as well as attracting and retaining employees. 
Lighting can play an important part by flexibly changing the atmosphere in different parts of the workplace. This could include areas that reflect elements of a living room, adding comfortable chairs, carpet, and soft furnishings, with softer ambient lighting. Lighting with a lower Kelvin (K) value can produce a slightly warmer, more inviting light for example. Elsewhere, high-quality ‘white’ light like natural light can be used in break areas to give the team an energy boost. 
Lighting and wellbeing 
Lighting can have a significant effect on health and lighting design can help to support natural sleep/wake cycles to improve productivity, concentration, and mood. 
Glare in indoor environments can cause headaches, eyesight issues and general discomfort. There are several factors that affect the levels of glare including the position, intensity, the number of both natural and artificial light sources and the reflectiveness of surfaces. 
The Unified Glare Rating (UGR) is a measure of the glare that will be experienced by your employees. When choosing lighting options low glare products will often be designed to produce high-quality light and feature diffusers to minimise direct reflections. These will usually carry a ‘UGR<19’ label. 

Retail lighting 

With many retail businesses facing unknown challenges tenants in retail units could change frequently. Flexible lighting options such as high-quality track lighting that can be repositioned when needed will allow fast and cost-effective adaptations to in-store lighting. Colour tuneable lighting can also be used to create a suitable shopping atmosphere. 
Outdoor spaces 
Many cafes, bars and restaurants are now making more use of their outdoor areas. Exterior lighting such as LED bulkhead lights or up- and down-lighters are good low-energy options to create high quality lighting styles. Other options include festoon lights, decking lights, and ground spotlights. 
Modern options for retro and vintage styling for retail units and hospitality environments are becoming popular lighting options. Modern LED designs can provide practical and attractive solutions. 
We will be happy to discuss your lighting design requirements, so please get in touch. 
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