We recently worked with our colleagues at Chillaire to install destratification fan units in a large factory. 
When the temperature reaches a certain level, these units will force the warm air back down into the factory for more efficient heating. 

Electrical installation for HVAC 

We have been working with Chillaire for many years to provide a single solution for their customers. This approach is becoming popular across Europe, according to a recent report. 
Traditionally, customers would commission HVAC and electrical installation companies to meet their needs. However, electrical installers are now working with HVAC specialists to provide a full service to their industrial, commercial and domestic clients. 

A European trend 

The distinction between HVAC specialists and electrical installers is reducing as demand for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) activities increases in most European countries. 
Currently, the highest proportion of electrical installers doing HVAC work are in the United Kingdom (42%), France (39%), and Belgium (35%). The shift is less common in Germany (18%) and Poland (6%). 

Smart HVAC solutions 

Smart automation is driving the change in both the HVAC and electrical installation sectors. HVAC installers now need to deal with new and more complex electrical components, which may require specialist skills. As this trend increases, demand for professional electricians in HVAC installations will continue. 

Cross-sector collaboration 

Where HVAC installers choose to develop their electrical skills it will still take some time for enough engineers to be properly trained. In the meantime there is an immediate need for skilled electricians on HVAC projects. As a result, the type of collaborative projects we undertake with Chillaire are becoming more common. 

Working in harmony 

While both professions have their own approaches to complex projects, coordination and workflow will be important to deliver a good result for customers. In the longer term this might see the rise of a new multidisciplinary role to keep everything running smoothly. 
We are always happy to work on joint installation projects of any type, including HVAC, so please get in touch. 
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