A property development company in Australia has worked with a range of manufacturers to create an environmentally friendly home where the owner won’t pay any utility bills. 
When you think about ‘eco’ homes, you might first think about solar panels... 
These are certainly part of the solution, but the big problem has always been finding a cost-effective way to store the energy to use when the sun isn’t shining. This is now becoming a reality as the price, capacity and lifespan of batteries all improve. 
Add effective insulation, smart home technology to manage heating and lighting and optimise use of your solar energy, along with efficient appliances and LED lighting and you could be well on the way to zero utility bills. 
This goal won’t become a reality for some time, as the technologies develop and become more affordable. The last remaining barrier will be how we use our homes and appliances to minimise the need for energy.  
How energy conscious are you? 
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