Office lights replaced with LEDs and sensors
We’ve been on the road again, this time going to Castleford in Yorkshire, home to Roman legions and Rugby League. 
This project involved a ground floor reception area and offices, including toilet lighting renovations and replacements for failed emergency lights across the site. 
Like many reception areas the fluorescent lights here had been left on all the time, even when there wasn’t any activity. The lights have been upgraded to energy efficient LEDs and the wall switches have been replaced with sensors to control the lighting automatically. Now the lights switch off when there’s enough natural light and when there’s no movement. 

Choosing energy efficient office lighting 

Although halogen lights aren’t manufactured any more outlets can still sell their old stock, and they are still used sometimes in security lights. When replacing lights, it’s important to check and, where possible, to use energy-efficient alternatives. 
LEDs are the most common and adaptable light fittings these days and are also suitable for replacing dimmable lights and spotlights. LEDs are also more energy-efficient than compact fluorescent lights (CFLs). 
Traditionally, wattage was used to describe the brightness of lights but this is a of measure power consumption rather than brightness. Energy-efficient bulbs use fewer watts, so look at lumen output instead. 
If you prefer a particular colour of light in your office there should be a close match available as an LED, such as ‘cool white’ or ‘pure white’. Lights with a higher colour rendering index (CRI) will show colours more accurately. 
While turning lights off when a space isn’t in use will save energy, sensors are a more reliable option. Timers on external lights are also helpful to make sure they are only on when they need to be. 
For advice on energy-efficient lighting options for your offices and reception areas, please get in touch. 
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