Last year electrical contractors, their customers and installation specifiers were all challenged to improve their environmental credentials. 
The goal is to promote the use of trunking cabling solutions made with a minimum of 50% recycled plastic. 
Work is going ahead to define specifications and engage with businesses who will help to substantially reduce the amount of recyclable plastic sent to landfill. 
Tons of top-quality plastic, weighing as much as 300 double-decker buses, are already being recycled each year. Some manufacturers are managing to produce products with 80% to 100% recyclable plastic, so why is the target 50%? 
There are some issues to be considered. 
On the positive side, recycled material used for PVC-U cabling can come from sources such as the window manufacturing industry. PVC windows are made from high grade material designed for use outdoors, so it’s even stronger and more durable material than non-recycled cable management material. Cables using this type of recycled PVC are going to be very good quality. 
However, maintaining a constant level of recyclables depends on availability of the right materials. This can vary throughout the year so the figure can only be an average. 
The colour and profile of the cabling can also limit the amount of recyclable material that can be used. 
However, it’s worth bearing in mind that millions of metres of PVC-U cable are installed throughout the UK each year. Using recycled plastics for even half of this requirement would make a really big difference. 
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