Not quite London, Paris and New York, but we have been out and about this month providing electrical installation condition reports (EICRs) across the north of England and Scotland. 
We’ve just visited Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Sheffield and Bradford. 
Next we're off to Hounslow, Leicester, Birmingham and Cardiff. Never a dull moment! 
Why are EICRs important? 
Businesses have a responsibility to make sure that their premises meet regulations and are safe for their staff, customers and visitors. 
An EICR confirms, as far as possible, that your existing electrical installations meet these requirements. The purpose of the inspection is to identify damage, deterioration or defects that could be dangerous. 
It includes a visual inspection and a full inspection and testing procedure carried out by a ‘competent person’ (a qualified electrician). Then a report is completed for 
the person ordering the work, often the business owner. 
Although the EICR isn’t compulsory, it will show that your business meets the relevant British Standard (BS7671) and that you’re complying with Health and Safety at Work Act and Electricity at Work Regulations, which are both statutory requirements. 
How often should you have an EICR? 
Your electrical installation should be re-inspected regularly. How frequently inspections are needed will depend on the use of your premises, but you should have an inspection at least every five years. Some insurance companies are now asking for evidence of regular electrical testing. 
An EICR can also highlight improvements that would reduce the amount of electricity you use and help you to make savings on your energy costs. 
Get in touch with us if you would like to arrange and EICR for your business. 
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