Inside, good lighting design that takes account of brightness, glare and the activities taking place will enhance the working environment for employees. It will also improve staff safety, making sure that any hazards are easily seen.  

Outside, security lighting is an effective deterrent for unwanted intruders and improves the effectiveness of CCTV camera monitoring. 
Security lights can also improve safety for you, your staff and your visitors. 
Upgrading your lighting is an easy way to save energy too, as lighting can account for up to 40% of your energy costs. 
Our lighting design and installation services include: 
planning, specification and costing 
lamp requirements 
management systems  
certification and testing 
periodic inspection, testing and condition reports 
general repairs and maintenance. 
LEDs are common and adaptable lighting options

Energy efficient lighting 

Although halogen lights aren’t manufactured any more, many outlets are still selling 
old stock. They are also still used sometimes in security lights. When replacing lights, it’s important to check and, where possible, choose energy-efficient alternatives. 
LEDs are the most common and adaptable light fittings these days and are also suitable for replacing dimmable lights and spotlights. LEDs are also more energy-efficient than compact fluorescent lights (CFLs). 
While turning lights off when a space isn’t in use will save energy, sensors are a more reliable option. Timers on external lights are also helpful to make sure they are only on when they need to be. 

Lighting and wellbeing 

Lighting can have a significant effect on health and lighting design can help to support natural sleep/wake cycles to improve productivity, concentration, and mood. 
Glare in indoor environments can cause headaches, eyesight issues and general discomfort. There are several factors that affect the levels of glare including the position, intensity, the number of both natural and artificial light sources and the reflectiveness of surfaces. 
The Unified Glare Rating (UGR) is a measure of the glare that will be experienced by your employees. When choosing lighting options low glare products will often be designed to produce high-quality light and feature diffusers to minimise direct reflections. These will usually carry a ‘UGR<19’ label. 

Lighting in retail settings 

Tenants in retail settings can change frequently. Flexible lighting options such as high-quality track lighting that can be repositioned when needed will allow fast and cost-effective adaptations to in-store lighting. 
With LED lighting, the output can be tuned to almost any colour, including different shades of white light. You can often adjust colours automatically or manually based on user preferences or other requirements. 

Lighting for outdoor spaces 

Many cafes, bars and restaurants are now making more use of their outdoor areas. Exterior lighting such as LED bulkhead lights or up- and down-lighters are good energy-efficient options. Other options include festoon lights, decking lights, and ground spotlights. 
For carparks as logistics settings older sodium SON light units can be replaced with asymmetric LED floodlights. These use reflectors to direct light in front of the fixtures rather than the standard symmetrical floodlights which distribute light in all directions. 
Outside lighting can be carefully planned
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