Street work design planning can be faster.
Planning and organising all the permissions needed to work on or under public roads is complicated and time-consuming. 
Usually, a surveyor must assess the site, take measurements and plot signage on a computer-aided design system. 
Now there’s a new automated roadworks planning tool that should help reduce connection times for electrical services. 

Software solution 

The first phase used softwar designed by a Cambridge-based company to simplify street work design planning. The trial involved 300 roadworks sites using 1Streetworks software to provide plans for small power connections. It’s suitable for smaller power connections, overhead lines or underground cable repairs. 
Following the street works code of practice, designs produced on-site allowed faster approval of traffic management permits with less modifications. Once the location of the work is plotted on a map, the software plans site-specific traffic management, including main roads, bus stops, lane rental and street works rules. 
During the trial the time surveyors needed to create street work design plans went down from hours to just minutes. The average time taken to connect new or altered power connections reduced by a quarter. Safety, accuracy and regulatory requirements were all still met. Following this success a larger trial is planned. 

Improved communication 

The new approach has potential to streamline complex traffic management plans and provide better communication with customers and highway authorities. Everyone affected can collaborate more easily, reducing delivery times and providing consistency, repeatability and efficiency. 
Surveyors can show customers what the traffic management plan would look like and explain the costs while everyone is on-site. Some large-scale, complex projects aren’t suitable for the software, but time saved elsewhere will also streamline these projects too. 
The MSE team is happy to work with you on the design and installation of electrically safe street works projects. 
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