Electrical sub-meters allow you to keep track of energy use.
Did you know that MSE offers sub-metering services? 
We recently worked with our commercial client based in Coventry to help divide their large premises into three sections. They plan to sublet to other businesses and needed a seamless solution for remote meter readings from anywhere in the world. 
Thanks to the expertise of Luke Dennis and the team at SP Wales we delivered a tailor-made metering solution. To minimise disruption the dedicated MSE team worked over the weekend for a smooth installation. 

What is sub-metering? 

Electrical sub-metering provides additional meters downstream from your main electricity meter. You can monitor individual areas of your premises, specific equipment or tenants. It helps you manage your site, buildings and energy use. 

The benefits of sub-metering 

With electrical sub-metering you have a much clearer picture of energy consumption for your business or site. You can accurately monitor and attribute your electricity costs and improve energy efficiency. 
You’ll also have reliable information to help you assess your return on investment for energy saving installations. For reporting on your environmental initiatives, you can easily show the difference you have made. You’ll also see any unusual spikes or dips in energy use quickly, providing an early warning that equipment might need servicing. 

Who uses electrical sub-metering? 

Commercial landlords. As a landlord you can accurately manage your tenants’ energy bills. There’s no need for complex calculations based on the size of each sub-let unit. 
Tenants. Tenants can receive accurate data to help manage their overheads and monitor and report on their carbon footprint. 
Commercial businesses. Sub-meters give you more data to help you understand where, when and how energy is used so you can reduce costs. 
Manufacturers. Manufacturers can monitor and manage power supply to key equipment. 
Facilities managers. Data from sub-meters used with Building Management Systems (BMS) can improve overall energy efficiency. 
Please get in touch if you are considering sub-metering at your premises. 
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